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When a Dream Dies: How to Process the Grief no one Talks About

But, for me, the model became a bit too prescriptive, a one-size-fits-all approach to grief. I don’t think that was Kübler-Ross’s intention, but it began to feel like grief had been wrapped up in a lovely little box with a bow on top.

My personal experience with grief has been anything but lovely. It’s been more like a wound that refuses to heal completely, or an ache that returns when the weather changes.


Becoming Real: Lessons on Showing up and Being Seen

I was not a popular kid. I was awkward and overweight. I had unruly hair, thick glasses, and was a total goody two-shoes. A proper “rule follower,” I was the kid parents loved and other children tolerated.

All I wanted growing up was to belong. And, as many kids and a number of adults do, I confused fitting in with belonging.


5 Things Never to Say to Someone Who is Hurting

It seems that, in general, we are a culture that has very low tolerance for discomfort. We want a pill to swallow or a quick fix to make the pain go away and restore the bliss of ignorance.

So, when someone we care about is hurting, we tend to throw at them the quickest, easiest fix we can imagine. The problem is that what we say or do often serves only to make matters worse. 


5 Quick Tips to Help You Not Sleep Through that A.M. Workout

It’s a daily struggle. I am not a morning person. I love sleep. I love my bed. And I rarely feel as if I’ve had enough of either. But, toward the end of last year, I started feeling weird. My head felt heavy, and my sense of stability was off. I’ve had blood pressure issues in the past, so I knew to give it a check.

And, whoa, was it high. I mean, really high. 



My Very First Blog (circa 2010)

I started this blog a year or so into my work as a hospital chaplain. It was my first attempt at writing for public consumption and was one of the ways I processed my own grief and confusion around the daily struggles to which I bore witness. Eventually, I slipped out of the habit of writing there and moved on, but it reveals an important piece of my writing journey. 

first blog.png